The Accidental Gnostic concert series

Concert #1
Time: 16 May, 2019, twenty minutes past two o’clock in the afternoon.
Place: Pilestredet park, Oslo.
Entrance: Free.

A blackbird is sitting in one of the trees in the square, singing. The afternoon is warm and sunny, with a pleasant breeze passing by between the buildings.

Live recording:

Concert #2
Time: 14 June, 2019, a few minutes past eight o’clock in the morning.
Place: The platform at the train station in Fredrikshavn, Denmark, track 2.
Entrance: Free.

A seagull performs La Monte Young’s #10 from Compositions 1960 (“Draw a straight line and follow it”), not in a very strict manner, but it compensates for this by walking with impeccable grace. The seagull shat on the platform half a second after the performance had ended.

Live footage.

Concert #3
Time: 15 June, 2019, ten minutes before ten o’clock in the morning.
Place: Outside the church in Løgumkloster, Denmark.
Entrance: Free.

Carillon and dawn chorus (w/ front pigeon): improvisation.

Live recording:

Concert #4
Time: 28 June, 2019, around ten minutes before eight o’clock in the morning.
Place: Politisk kvarter, NRK P2.
Entrance: Free.

Schrödinger’s Catnap (2019) – premiered in Norwegian by Erna Solberg, accompanied by Astrid Randen.

Live recording:

Concert #5
Time: 7 July, 2019, around twenty minutes past eight o’clock in the evening.
Place: Frognerparken, Oslo.
Entrance: Free.

Canards enchainés (2019) – premiered by three male ducks (names undisclosed).